Kultur 07 – James Hazelden

Looking at the culinary website was quite interesting and funny. I was surprised to see Germans speaking passionately about the US and its food. Living in Europe, it seemed like the majority of people–myself included–looked at people in the US as very overly friendly and radically patriotic. However, one article I saw on the culinary website is ecstatic about the US and celebrating its independence. The article/recipe was:

Travel Tuesday: 4th of July im Regen & ein Flag-Pie

In the article, the author speaks about how great it was to be in the US during independence day. They did very touristy things like going to Time Square, the museums, etc. It’s kind of cheesy. Especially the end quote: “Und ihr so? Habt ihr schon mal den Independence Day in den USA feiern k├Ânnen und (anders als ich) sogar das Feuerwerk gesehen???”

I also noticed that a lot of thanksgiving Michigan style food was common on the website. There are a multitude of recipes using pumpkins in pies, popcorn, cake, etc. It’s quite surprising to me that American style thanksgiving food is popular in Germany of all places, but I guess it may be similar to some Bavarian cuisine. Of course, there are also many recipes for burgers and hot dogs on that site, all of which don’t look particularly great.

The article “Of German Lines and Pythons” gives a guide to hectic queuing in Germany. Apparently, queuing in Germany is insanity. Many Germans will try their hardest to push in line, get to a counter you were going to use, etc. The article advises eating plenty of garlic, keeping alert, and appearing menacing. They make it sound like queuing is all out war. I was surprised to hear that this is apparently even a problem in grocery stores, where people are usually relatively polite in the US. The article was interesting because I had never once heard of this problem in Germany. I usually think of Germans as calm and collected–not explicitly cutting in line or taking someone’s spot at a counter.

Out of the “365 Dinge” selections, I think the paintballing (19) and Fernsehturm: Essen mit Berlink-blick (37) would be fun. The first is simply because I’ve done paintballing a few times in the past and it is a lot of fun. The Fernsehturm essen is a restaurant in the TV-tower in Germany. The tower is huge. It reminds me a lot of the space needle in Seattle. It would be fun eating good food from such a high tower–getting a great view of Berline. Here is a picture of that tower:

Image result for tv tower germany


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