Kultur 7 — Emily Solomon

Kultur 7 — Emily Solomon 

USA Kulinarish

From what I could tell on the website, it seems that they’re particularly fascinated with dessert recipes. Healthier options, like kale salad, do make an appearance, but those options are overshadowed by the sugary ones. While the doughnuts, cheesecakes, and cookies might be generalized as typical American foods, they’re also things that I enjoy as someone with a very large sweet tooth. And then in one of the Travel Tuesday posts, they make a visit to Frankenmuth, though they’re understandably confused by it…

What Discipline? Of German Lines and Pythons

As always, these culture differences are so fascinating. In most cases, that type of aggressive line cutting behavior would be seen as very rude here. I think it’s interesting because so often Americans are generalized as being uncouth or brash, but really we’re rather polite and civilized where lines are concerned!

365 Dinge

#27 Mit der Panorama-Bahn fahren

Exploring a new city in a foreign country can often get very overwhelming, so the thought of exploring the area from the comfort of a glass train car sounds really relaxing. I think that it would provide a great opportunity to fully absorb your surroundings without worrying about pickpockets, getting lost, or looking like too much of a tourist. And someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy large crowds, the idea of being tucked away in the quiet corner of a train car sounds extra appealing.

#63 Im Viktoriapark spazieren gehen

I love the slower pace of a park and particularly enjoy taking a quiet stroll through a green space, whether in Ann Arbor, Boston, or NYC, so this sounds like a great activity. I like that there are great views of Berlin if you climb to the highest point. Sounds like a great vantage point to take some photos, which is one of my favorite activities. If I were to do this, I would also buy a little bit of food from a local market and have a picnic lunch by the waterfall!

Brennpunkt Kultur

Although all of the Kultur articles were interesting, I’ll comment only on two of them.

Einkaufen (pg. 253)

It’s interesting to see the ways in which German shopping traditions are carried over in the U.S. versions of the German Aldi grocery store chain (no bags, deposits for shopping carts, cashiers sit instead of stand etc.). The concept of going grocery shopping every day or every other day is so foreign to me, though. I wonder if I would feel inclined to do this if I lived in close proximity to a grocery store or if my old habits of shopping once a week (at best!) would linger.

München (pg. 284) 

I’d be curious to learn more about München’s Oktoberfest and how it would compare to or differ from an Americanized Oktoberfest. It sounds like some of the aspects (beer tent, Bavarian bands, etc.) are similar to what we might see at an Oktoberfest in the States, but I think that it would be interesting to attend both to make a direct comparison.

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