Kultur 7

For this weeks Kultur, the first article was actually just a German food website focusing on American dishes. Many of the dishes were kinda fancy, mostly alcoholic drinks and deserts. A lot of sweets on the page, some seasonal items, and a couple main meals. One post was about making a pie that was sculpted to look like a rose. Another thing I found is that Germans are fascinated by our side-by-side fridges as well as the fact we have huge fridges. The article talks about how fascinated the author was at how much space it took up and how it had a ice and water dispenser. The Infographic on American foods was funny because their four prominent Americans were Marilyn Monroe, Bill Clinton, Justin Timberlake, and Michelle Obama, and they talked about their breakfasts. That infographic was made or collaborated by Marriott, which is interesting. The second article was about Germans getting rough in lines. Its kinda neat to hear more about how Germans act in everyday life, even if it is just line cutting. The Dinge sections I looked at were section 12 Relaxen im Winter: Das Badeschiff and section 19 Zum Paintball in die Indoorhalle. The first one was about a spa on a boat or floating spa type place with hot tubs and stuff, great for in the cold winter. The other article was just about indoor paintball and the logistics of it.


Typisch amerikanisch: Der Side-by-Side-K├╝hlschrank

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