Kultur 7- Garbin

I found this chapters Kulture articles to be very interesting. What really caught me off guard is the draftaphobia article. Being from Florida i understand the importance of having moving air. For germans to sit in a sweltering car or train and announce “Es zieht!” when someone opens up a window for some fresh air was hard to believe. The superstitions of German culture are very interesting. Which ties into the; You Have What? article. For Germany to be such a developed country I would have thought that there would be a heavy reliance on modern medicine without a negative connotation about going to the doctor or being prescribed appropriate prescriptions. It was very interesting how something as serious as Kreislaufzusammenbruch could be tacken so casually. The What Discipline? article was pretty interntaining and a little expected. I can respect the fact that Germans are a little impatient and want to cut in line. 

I read the “Moonshine selbst gemacht” or homemade Moonshine article. Which i found to be very difficult to read, but after going over it a few times and a little help from google translate, i was able to understand the gist of what is being said. This article talks a little about the history of moonshine in America.  Such as how Moonshine got its name from being made at night in the hills of the Appalachian Mountains. The article talks a little bit about the legality of moonshine, and of course how its made. Giving detailed instructions on how to make a couple flavors. Such as Peach Pie Moonshine, and Apple Pie Moonshine. 

Two things that interest me in 365 Dinge: Skifahren im sommer und Im U-Boot durch den Helenesee.


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