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The first article I clicked on was on #douughnutday: Cinnamon twists. I was unable to understand most of it but with the help of the helpful words and a little google translate I was able to get the gist. the author talked about how they had been somewhat bored by american food, as they had tried it all but then little things like this helped. I tried to stay away from the recipes and the pictures because I’m really hungry right now and Im about to go to bed, but I have saved the link and plan on making it in the future.

#doughnutday: Cinnamon Twists

The article on how Germans can’t form a line I found quite interesting especially with the German stereotype of being very organized. I immediately thought of the Brits, who I’ve seen called the Florida of the EU ,yet are famed for their ability to queue. It just seems like a weird quirk of both countries. Another thing I found interesting was that Germans don’t like Garlic. Maybe that combined with their pale skins means that real vampires are Germans.

The two things that interest me the most are Der Döner in Berlin erfunden und Spielbank. because I’m hungry  and I like to gamble

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