Was ist ein AMD?

“[This was] an awesome assignment. As I found out, I can basically do anything fun that I want, as long as I do it in German!” [Quote from an end-of-term evaluation form]

Abenteuer mit Deutsch (AMD) means adventures with German. This  assignment is designed to let you explore German outside of the book and the curriculum, based on your interests! You should spend 45-55 minutes on the activity itself, and 5-15 minutes posting about it on the blog (about an hour total). When you post, add the “label” for the assignment (ex: AMD1, AMD2, etc), and add your name as a “label,” too. This is important so that your instructor can find all your assignments. 

For example, 

  • Use the free language learning apps Duolingo or HelloTalk for 45-55 minutes over the course of several days. In your post, write about what you learned (Duolingo & HelloTalk) and what you talked to your conversation partner(s) about (HelloTalk).
  • Have lunch with another German-speaking friend and speak German the whole time. In your post, write down a few things you talked about.
  • Read Harry Potter (or anything!) in German for 45 mins and then write about what you understood. List a few new words or expressions you learned.
  • Find a chat or email partner and write/chat to/with them in German. Post your favorite part of the conversation.
  • Watch a German movie, maybe with a friend or date! (longer than 1 hr, but fun!) In your post, write down your reactions to the movie, and post a few German words/expressions you heard. If you can, end your post with a link to a trailer for the movie.
  • Click on the “AMD-Ideen” page above for many more ideas, including watching South Park in German, baking a German recipe, or singing along to German music. Some ideas are better suited for 101 (e.g. reading German literature in translation); some are better suited for 102 or 221/231 (e.g. reading Harry Potter in German).
  • The “Beispiele: Sample Posts” page above shows you what your posts could look like.

As for the language of the post, use as much German as you can, and fill in the rest with English. Don’t worry about mistakes!!

  • If you are in 101, your first posts will be mostly in English. Just stick in German words and expressions where you can, however funny it sounds (see the “Beispiele: Sample Posts” page above!). Gradually you will be able to use more German.
  • If you are in 102, your posts should be mostly in German, but it’s fine if you stick in the occasional English word or phrase to save time.
  • If you are in 221/231, your posts should be in German, but the occasional English word is still OK: AMDs are informal writing.
  • At all levels, some more English can be OK if you’re expressing complex ideas.

The blog helps to give other students ideas. So if you can, post an image, a video, or links to help make this happen!  Another main goal is to practice and use your German–so try to post a few new words or expressions you learned.

  • If you post on a film, please add a link to the trailer! Give the film a star rating so other students can see whether you liked it.
  • If you listen to music, please post a music video if possible. Google the lyrics, listen to the song a few times and try singing along. Also, list a few of the song lyrics you understood and/or liked!
  • Add links and images when you can to make your post more interesting!
  • If you get ideas from another student, thank her/him in your post (“Danke für den Tipp, Kendra!!”). Your instructor will be happy if you build on each other’s ideas!
  • If you get images or quotes from another website, make sure you cite your source! Posting a hyperlink is the easiest way to do this.

Here is a sample post for a student reading Harry Potter. You could do this every time, and just read farther in the novel, or change it up each time!