Resources and Links

Resources and Links for AMD posts

Here are some resources available online and on campus for finding German materials. Please email Hartmut if you notice any broken links!

  1. Duolingo and HelloTalk: Click here for more info about these great, free language learning apps!
  2. Finding German books: Info about the recommended “AMD books” for 102
    Info about the recommended “AMD books” for 221/231
    Free Reading Library in the LRC
    Mirlyn – University Catalog
  3. German sites on the Web:
    German on the Web
     link list. Some sample categories: HumorMusicArtSportsFashionFoodTourismScienceMovies
  4. Watching German Movies: 
    Click here to see the great selection of German films on reserve at the Language Resource Center, including dubbed versions of films like The Big Lebowski or the original Star Wars trilogy, from which you can learn a lot. 
    Click here
     to see highlights of the great collection of German films you can check out from the Askwith Media Library in the UGLi.
    Lots of German films are available via Netflix, Hulu, YouTube etc.
    The Michigan Theater sometimes screens German movies
  5. Watching German TV:  To get started, check out these links to German Radio and TV online The standard news program is Die Tagesschau (in particular, the 20:00 Uhr version). You can also watch some German TV programming on UMTV and in the LRC–click here for details. On Youtube, you could search for the brilliant soap “Türkisch für Anfänger,” or try e.g. “Die Simpsons,” “Wer wird Millionär,” “TV Total,” or “Harald Schmidt Show.” You can also find German versions of South Park – click on the “AMD Ideen” page for instructions! To see Germany’s official international programming, go to Deutsche Welle [you may need to set the language to German at the top right].
  6. Listening to German music: The Step into German site, created by the Goethe Institute, is a great starting point if you’re trying to find what young Germans are currently listening to. The URL keeps changing ==> just google “Step Into German” or “Step Into German Music”
    • The “Step Into German” site includes sections on Music, Film, Soccer, and “German(y)”
    • The “Music” section includes the headings “Clip of the Month,” “Music Videos,” “German Charts” etc.
    • Each music video is accompanied by a link to the lyrics in German with a parallel translation in English; often there is also a worksheet.
  7. Opportunities to Speak German in Ann Arbor:
    You can always get together with friends from class and speak German, which is a great way to improve your language skills, and/or you can find various Conversation Opportunities in and around Ann Arbor.
  8. Reading German News and Magazines (online or print):
    No matter what kind of magazine you like to flip through, it’s available in German! For tabloids and a wider selection of online newspapers, click here. Deutsche Welle has a great resource for German learners: langsam gesprochene Nachrichten, news spoken more slowly, with a transcript available.