Content Guidelines

We want to encourage and not stifle your creativity, but it is important for you to bear in mind that the content of your posts needs to be appropriate for the entire class to see. Think of your audience as you post: your classmates at a public university. In general, please ask your instructor if you are in doubt as to whether something you’re planning to do is appropriate, and please be receptive to his/her suggestions in this regard! Here are a few more specific guidelines.
  • Privacy: If you re-post a conversation from Facebook or from an email/chat conversation, consider the privacy of your conversation partner. If in doubt, ask them if it’s ok if you copy/paste part of the conversation. You may also consider changing the name of your conversation partner, or just using initials.
  • German-related content: Your post must have some connection to German language and/or culture. For example, don’t translate something English –> German. Instead, start with authentic German materials.
  • Images: Please use common sense when posting images that other students may find offensive. For example, be sensitive to topics such as the Holocaust and Nazism. If you determine that your material is sensitive, but not necessarily offensive, you should alert your audience to the nature of the image and provide a link so the user can decide whether or not s/he wants to view it.
  • Racism, sexism, homophobia: Please be sensitive to these issues.  In particular, your posts should not perpetuate hurtful stereotypes.