For my AMD, I decided to watch a bunch of movie trailers in German, to see what I could understand and to get a taste of German voice acting. The first trailer I watched was for Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. I had already seen the trailer in English, so I was generally able to understand the gist of what the characters were talking about in the scenes shown. However, the truth is that much of the German was much too fast for me to understand, even when I enabled captions. I did pick up on several English words used, like “rocket.” The German equivalent for rocket is “Rakete,” so its interesting that rocket was used instead. One part of the trailer I did understand very well was a scene towards the end, where Baby Groot is holding a pair of underwear in a jail cell. Another character looks in and says “Das sind meine Unterhosen,” which easily translates to “That is my underwear.”

The next trailer I watched was for Fast and Furious 8. Luckily, I was able to understand more because a lot of the dialogue was slower. I picked up on lines like “Dieses Crew is eine Familie” (another usage of an English word), and “Wir haben nur eine Chance.” There were actually a lot of English words in the trailer, like “high tech Terrorismus,” and “boom, baby!” This reflects the Kulturtext articles that we read a few weeks ago, about the invasion of English words into colloquial German. I certainly didn’t mind, as it made my comprehension of the dialogue much better.

The final trailer I watched was for War Machine, starring Brad Pitt. Much of the dialogue I didn’t understand, as there were a lot of vocabulary that I was not familiar with. However, some scenes didn’t require advanced vocab to understand at all. I found once scene particularly interesting. There are several American soldiers in a bar, and they are cheering “USA! USA!” However, they pronounce the letters the German way, instead of the American English way. This was particularly comical to me, because the most American chant I know was made to sound distinctly un-American.

Overall, I enjoyed watching the trailers that I did. Once I have a better grasp of the language, I think it could be a lot of fun to watch some of these German dubbed movies. I’m sure I’ll have the opportunity when I’m studying abroad in Germany in a couple years.

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