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LOL! “USA Kulinarisch, Mehr als Hot Dogs & Hamburger.” I love the German (and furthermore European) stereotypes of Americans — Overweight, lazy, fake, unhealthy, etc. Horribly inaccurate!


Das Donut-Battle: Dunkin‘ Donuts gegen Happy Donazz

Although I will always prefer Dunkin’ Donuts, this Cookie Monster (Krühmel Monster) doughnut looks amazing. (And is apparently less expensive than DD’s donuts!)

In the section: “Alles zum Thema Halloween & Kürbis” there is an accurate assessment of Americans’ love of Pumpkin products (spiced lattes, pastries, etc.). And there appears to be a somewhat accurate description of Halloween here, too:

‘Halloween (31. Oktober) ist ein uraltes Fest der Geister, das aber heute noch in den USA enorm populär ist: Kinder verkleiden sich, spielen Streiche und bitten um Süßigkeiten. Der Ausdruck „Halloween“ stammt von „All Hallows Night“, der Nacht vor dem Feiertag „All Hallows“, unserem Allerheiligen am 1. November.’

In the other article about Lines (http://www.spiegel.de/international/what-discipline-of-german-lines-and-pythons-a-406546.html) I found this particular quote to be relevant: “Finally, keep in mind that Germans have grown up with such non-lines and you need to watch out for everybody.”

I ran into that problem while waiting in lines for clubs and museums: people would often come up on my side and not wait directly behind me – very weird!


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  1. It seems like I’m constantly reading about other ways that we are harming our environment. It depresses me to find out about all of the damage we’re doing – especially to our air. I’ve been doing plenty of research over the last twelve months or so, and I was probably most surprised to read that the EPA has released a statement saying that the air inside of the average US home is even 2-5x more polluted than the air outside. Combined with the reality that healthy adults can handle up to 70,000 liters of air daily, it seems like a pretty serious) (cause for concern about the ongoing pollution of our world. How can we expect to stay healthy – regardless of how well we try to live and take care of our bodies – if we are constantly breathing in chemical pollution and contaminants?

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